How to furnish the children’s room?

How to furnish the children’s room?

children's room decoration

Whatever you speak any other room in our home, child is the most important room, which should be the most careful and responsible when choosing furniture, decorating and even heating and air conditioning. In this article, we focus mainly on the furniture of the room and location.
children's room decoration designThe first and most important advice concerning the furnishing of this room, it is to be tailored to the child’s age. It will remain in that room from birth to approximately 20th anniversary. Then grows, it becomes an adult and furnishing of this room becomes a matter of his choice. Our advice is to anticipate frequently reorganized this room, and the purchase of new and different furniture for her every 5 years. These changes are related to the growth of your child, as well as natural vegetation as well as its emotional and mental development.

children's room decoration ideas

When your child is in the age before the fifth anniversary, the room should be cheerful. Consider soft toys and furniture such as inflatable or foam armchairs made of polyurethane toys such as houses, stools and climbing frames. It’s nice child to be surrounded by interesting him strokes, characters and colors. Pay special attention to the colors as pick cheerful and aggressive colors. Enjoy carefully where sleeping child. Playpen or bed should throw at the door. It is important that the child feels safe when left alone in the room and knowing where to appear his parents. Pick furniture without sharp edges created according to age group your child.

children's room design

Between the ages of 5 and 10 years, the child begins to learn things from life and is normally his room to acquire the image of a nice place to learn, fantasy and creativity. Let your kids at this age, free to choose where to be their bed, desk, wardrobe and toys. Of course pay attention to the healthy side of things and conformed their location properly. For example, be careful how and where the light falls on the desktop on the desk. It should always falls on the opposite side of the hand that wrote the child. For example, if your child writes with his right hand, the light should come from the left. A good option is the light coming front, front desk to illuminate the desktop, regardless of the hand that wrote the child. Nowadays, children use the computer by linger considerable time before him. Be careful with that. It is desirable to the child’s eyes light to enter other than that emits monitor. Position the computer so that the child’s eyes to illuminate the window evenly otherwise possible problems in the eye. Select seats and front desk according to the age of your child. They are cheap, but not universal and it is nice to buy a new chair every time when your child grows or if you notice that he scaling.

children's room decoration ideas & design

Avoid using furniture or universal ones for different age groups of people or children. Do not buy standard single bed for your child while it is still in its infancy, it will affect his emotional state and the proper development of his body. Email account that the beds for larger or smaller children use with mattresses for age or length of the body. Each mattress has active and passive areas that affect the formation of the spine during sleep, so do not skimp on the bed of the child. The investment in this important and significant in your child’s health.

children's room design ideas

By entering the teenage age, the child has grown up and is very important to feel good in my room. Let him only choose the furniture, only to choose how to arrange the decorations – posters, wallpapers and accessories. Leave entirely in his hands selection of furniture, again pay attention to health conditions.

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